In an unsuspecting building off Meridian Street lies an oasis of modern Portugese cuisine: Galos Flame Grilled Chicken. The interior of the restaurant is modern, with a high industrial ceiling and warm lighting. While the restaurant looks and feels like a high-class joint, the prices fit any wallet. 

With options ranging from rich to light and healthy, there’s something at Galos for everyone. You can order out or dine in, making it the perfect spot for anything from a quick lunch break to a romantic date night. A television perched in the corner also makes it a great spot for knocking back a beer or two on game day. 

The Crispy Green Beans with Piri Dip ($4.95) are an excellent starter. Breaded and fried, Galos manages to keep these beans true to their name: crispy, not soggy or greasy. Served in a stylish metal stand, they’re a healthy, tasty alternative to fries.  

For an entree, the Chicken Breast Sandwich ($7.95) is a delectable deal you can’t pass up. Served on a fluffy bun with grilled onions, fresh lettuce and tomato, and a slice of pineapple, this sandwich blends sweet, savory, and tangy in mouth-watering harmony. The pineapple is the star of the show, giving the sandwich moisture and contrast that will leave you hungry for even more of Galos classic chicken. 

True to its name, Galos also serves up piping hot plates of flame grilled chicken. With choices like a roasted half chicken ($11.95), a double chicken kebab ($10.95), and a quarter chicken with a thigh piece ($6.95), there’s an option for any appetite. I ambitiously ordered the half chicken and, upon first bite, immediately wished I had a second stomach. The skin was crispy with a hint of char, while the inside was moist, almost buttery, and cooked to perfection. Galos proves they know how to craft their signature dish. Perfect to split between a family (or a hungry couple), the half chicken delivers on texture, taste, and price point. 

For vegetarians, Galos doesn’t disappoint either. They offer a light Galos Salad ($3.95 or $7.95) with a bright house vinaigrette and a subtle crunch of sunflower seeds, perfect for a healthier side or a meal on its own.  

Each dish is served with their four house made “Piri” sauces that are fit to suit any palate. From the milder Lemon and Garlic , to Hot and Extra Hot, each provides a tangy, rich dip or spread for anything on the menu. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite during lunch or a night out with the family, Galos is sure to delight with their flavorful and expertly cooked chicken. So transport yourself from the Pacific Northwest to the sunny coast of Portugal with a meal that is sure to leave you smiling. 

4303 Meridian St., Ste. 102, Bellingham, 360.733.2691