AS THE OWNER of Bellingham based Charmed Chocolat, Alina Seredian aims to inspire a sense of whimsy by way of handmade, small-batch truffles. Between their innovative flavors and elegant presentation, Seredian treats her chocolate like an art form—and yes, each treat tastes as delicious as it looks.

“I just try to put as much joy as I can into the chocolate, because I realized that I can’t really change the world … but I can bring little bites of pleasure to people throughout their days,” Seredian says. “And I feel like it’s those little things that really help during the hard times.”

Seredian began her professional foray into sweets eight years ago, when she noticed a Craigslist ad calling for aspiring chocolatiers. Despite having “no experience making chocolate but a lot of experience eating it,” she applied and was subsequently hired at a confection production facility in Bellingham. It was there that Seredian learned how to make chocolates by hand, which in turn inspired her love for the craft.

“I love the process of where you get your hands into it, where it’s not just [pressing] a button,” she says. “Because chocolate is such a beautiful and dynamic and temperamental medium to work with.”

Photograph by Phillip Johnson

Seredian opened Charmed Chocolat (originally known as Truffle Troll) in 2020 with the aim of making chocolates that are both artisanal and accessible to those with allergies. Her base truffle recipe is gluten- and dairy free, and most flavors are also free of common allergens. Seredian gets her chocolate from K’UL, a Bellingham based chocolate company known for being both high-quality and ethically sourced, and other ingredients are sourced locally from the Community Food Co-op.

When it comes to creating recipes, Seredian is a self-proclaimed “mad scientist” in the kitchen, and most of her flavors are the result of experimentation. Some treats are inspired by traditional European goodies like pralines and marzipans, whereas others are wholly unique creations, like her fig and almond butter or lavender earl grey truffles. Seredian’s current favorite is a truffle made with homemade peanut butter, cinnamon, and honey. Additionally, she recently released a wine truffle in collaboration with Black Fern Coffee in Bellingham.

Moving forward, Seredian plans to continue experimenting with seasonal flavors and even try her hand at chocolate bars. But for all the thought she puts into making her confections, she gives equal consideration to their impact on her customers. More than just a sweet treat, chocolate—especially when given as a gift—has a wealth of potential: to brighten spirits, to show affection, or simply to add a touch of magic to an otherwise ordinary day. You can purchase chocolates from Charmed Chocolat online or at various markets around Bellingham, whether that be the farmers market or monthly pop-up markets by Black Rabbit ( Truffles can be bought individually at markets, and customers can also mix and match to create variety boxes both in-person and online.

Want to learn more about the art of making truffles? Charmed Chocolat hosts truffle-making classes at the Community Food Co-op, with sign-ups available through Whatcom Community College, and more info is available at her website or Instagram @charmedchocolat. Bellingham,