Cheese. If you ask me, there’s few other more delicious words in the English language. From soft favorites like brie and camembert to harder delights like cheddar and parmesan, you’ll be hard pressed to find something more good-a than gouda to add to any meal. So if you’re feeling bleu, sample some of our area’s locally-made cheeses and turn any meal or snack into a havarti party!  

Samish Bay Cheese 

You can find this farm on 200 acres in Skagit County. All Samish Bay Cheese is certified organic, handcrafted in small batches using traditional methods, and naturally ripened in order to develop precise flavor and texture. You can purchase their cheese in “Mama Wheels” (2 pounds), “Baby Wheels” (1 pound), and small cuts. Popular choices include the Ladysmith (available in four varieties), Vache (spreadable), and Queso Fresco (available in four varieties). On top of award-winning cheese, Samish Bay also offers yogurt, kefir, beef, pork, lamb, and veal.  

15115 Bow Hill Rd., Bow, 360.766.6707,  

Appel Farms 

Photo Courtesy of Appel Farms

This Ferndale farm has a history as rich as its cheese, encompassing multiple generations of a family of farmers who brought the techniques and flavors of Holland all the way to Whatcom County. You may have spotted the Appel Farms logo at your local grocery store or at the farm’s very own cheese shop. You can find their version of popular cheeses like feta, gouda, cheddar, and havarti – as well as less common options like Quark, Paneer, and Nokkelost (a Norwegian specialty flavored with cumin, caraway, and cloves).  

6605 NW Dr., Ferndale, 360.312.1431,  

Twin Sisters Creamery  

For any bleu cheese lovers, Twin Sisters Creamery cheese is a must-try. Inspired by their twin daughters, owners Jeff and Lindsay Slevin took their passion for cheese to a whole new level by opening the cheese shop nearly a decade ago. Which cheese to buy? It’s a toss up between the popular Whatcom Blue and the Farmhouse Cheese (also available with whole peppercorns or mustard seeds). If you ask us, buy both! If you’re looking to share the love, purchase the Truly Epic Cheese Platter— it’s sure to make you a hit at any dinner party.  

6202 Portal Way, Ferndale, 360.656.5240, 

Harmony Fields  

Photo by Michelle Waite

If cow cheese isn’t your thing, Harmony Fields offers artisan, farmstead sheep cheese alongside their certified animal welfare-approved yarn, organic herbs, and flowers. While the sheep do all the dairy production, the farm is also home to protective donkeys and egg-producing ducks. The variety of cheese at Harmony Fields is smaller, but very memorable. For a creamy add-on to crackers, try Sally’s Best. Feta lovers should sample the Fleecemaker, tart and lemony in taste and creamy in texture. Lastly, the La Bertha is a tomme-style cheese that’s known for its buttery texture and nutty flavor. 7465 Thomas Rd., Bow, 360.941.8196,  

Golden Glen Creamery  

At Golden Glen Creamery, “It’s not just cheese, it’s an experience.” You can indulge in that experience from any corner of the Pacific Northwest – with all-natural cheese available in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho throughout grocery stores, restaurants, farmers markets, and wineries. Founded in 2004, this long-standing farm offers a variety of flavorful cheeses, butters, and sour creams. Shop online or join their cheese of the month club for unique finds like Cardamom Cheddar, Lavender Cheddar, Jalapeno Cheese Curds, and more. 

15014 Field Rd., Bow, 360.766.6455,  

Acme Farms Cheese 

For handcrafted local artisan cheese, look no further than Acme Farms Cheese. You can find their selection from Whatcom to the San Juan Islands to Seattle. Operated by three cheese makers with diverse backgrounds, Acme Farms Cheese (also the owner of Twin Brooks Creamery in Lynden) is perfect for lovers of soft cheese. Their top sellers include Petit Brie, a buttery and creamy mild cheese, and Camembert, a traditional, French-style bloomy-rind cheese 

Deming, 360.595.2700,  

Perfect Pairings 

Do you want some wine with your cheese? Well, wine not buy some? In Bellingham, stop by Seifert and Jones. Voted best wine shop in our annual Best of the Northwest competition six years running, their wine merchants are well-seasoned and will help find the perfect bottle for you. Also in Bellingham is Welcome Road Winery, a smaller winery with superb wines to choose from.  

Anacortes is home to a share of noteworthy wine/cheese shops. Salt and Vine offers wines, cheeses, and charcuteries made from the region’s best – plus you can often find locally-made sweets too! Speaking of sweets, Indulge is a specialty dessert and wine shop with sweet and savory options that will make you want to give in to its namesake.