The following selections have made it past our taste bud test and into our top eight this issue. Step out and give them a try. You won’t be disappointed. 

  1. For a blast of BBQ flavor, check out Big Stick Barbeque and their sandwich called The Rissa. Packed with pulled pork, brie cheese, and house-made jalapeno jelly, this is a quick meal that is sure to leave you satisfied. 
  2. Super Duper Teriyaki is home to incredible dishes and unmistakable flavors. The House Special #3 – Chicken Teriyaki & Chicken Katsu is a crowd favorite. If you are still craving the katsu after your meal, good news– they sell bottles of the sauce!
  3. A host of delectable options are readily available at Wanida Thai Cuisine, but for those looking for a simple yet delicious dish, their Pad Thai dish is always a great choice no matter the occasion.  
  4. For an affordable (and hardy Mexican) option, there’s no better option than The Burrito King. Their menu items are customizable, but their Vegetarian Burrito is filled to the brim with ingredients and makes for a great lunch! 
  5. For classic Cajun goodness, head downtown to Bayou on Bay. Their Mac and Cheese is rich and creamy, with a kick. Always splurge on the bowl rather than the cup — you can truly never get enough! 
  6. Start your day with a delicious breakfast at Homeskillet. Treat your taste buds to the Homemade Cinnamon Roll French Toast as you take in the charmingly chaotic decor inside the restaurant. If you venture into the bathroom, don’t be alarmed by the clowns.
  7. When you find yourself craving seafood, try the Cioppino at The Loft. This hodgepodge of clams, prawns, cod, salmon, and scallops is cooked with garlic, white wine, and a spicy tomato sauce.  
  8. If you have trouble making decisions, try the Ravioli Sampler from D’Anna’s Cafe Italiano. This mouth-watering appetizer gives you three varieties of ravioli –– cheese, spinach, and sausage — all served in their house-made marinara sauce.