This past weekend I was lucky enough to get to try my skills with 6 other friends at recently opened, local adventure, Bellingham Escape Room, 1417 Cornwall Ave., Ste. A101. The first challenge was finding the entrance, located in the back alley in a discreet dimly lit building, although unintentional it was a fun start to the challenge.  Once inside we were greeted by hosts, Rebecca and husband Tamer.  She gave us the safety rules, we signed a waiver, and were given a small back story about what we were searching for and why.  A rather cool and unexpected way to enter the actual room awaited us and we were off and running with basically no other instructions except that there are a certain number of locked boxes and the first two were pointed out. The room is all decked out in a pirate theme, and the clues were all challenging and at times confusing.  You are allowed to keep your phones and access their wifi, so google came in handy if there was a nautical term we didn’t understand the meaning of! Some of us were re-thinking the pregame drinks we’d had, as some of the clues took a lot of logical thinking.  We had 60 minutes to solve a series of clues all nautical themed and intricate and all leading to a final code box.  We got stuck a few times along the way, and needed to use the three lifeline clues allotted to us by Rebecca. At the end we were allowed to keep our treasure and some other fun costume pieces along that presented themselves to us along the way.  We even got a keepsake key to take home. After the experience there is an opportunity to get photos taken in their photo booth.  This room is not designed to be scary but it gets intense trying to get through and make sense of all the puzzles in time and was quite fun.  The most intense part for me was trying to break the code at the end and beat the clock, because once we tried 3 times it locked up for a 4 minute penalty wait and beeps loudly at you while you try to remember that four minutes should not feel so long! They also have a kids room with simpler puzzles and riddles geared towards young children.  Bellingham Escape Room makes for a fun group night out, or a competitive family challenge, and a great idea for Mother’s Day! Go check it out!


$25 Per Person | Children Room $19 | Accompanying Adults $10

Total Time: 1 Hour 20 Minutes Adult Room | 50 minutes Children’s Room


Bellingham Escape Room

1417 Cornwall Ave 101A (Entrance in Alley)

360.519.9213 |