Last October, we invited artists to express their sense of community, whether a literal community of neighbors and friends, or a huge sense of mankind, or a more abstract community—that of creativity, of art itself. The response is stunning—thank you to everyone who submitted work, and to the artists represented here who shared their work with us. We celebrate all of these artists who are celebrating community in their own ways, and each week we will share one artist with you.

Sharon Kingston | Digital Art

Sharon Kingston is a Bellingham-based oil painter who has been inspired for many years by the atmosphere of the Pacific Northwest and the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke. She exhibits her paintings regionally and on the East Coast. You can view her current works at the storefront to her studio at 1418 N State Street. “I’ve painted hundreds of pieces inspired by the skies of Bellingham, in particular those around Lake Whatcom. What amazes me is the sheer variety, nuance and mystery with every one of them. To me, the richness and strength of community resides in how the group embraces diversity and respects its natural resources. These words by Rilke ring true when I think of our magical place—and to represent these words I compiled slices of 50 of my most recent paintings.”