Last October, we invited artists to express their sense of community, whether a literal community of neighbors and friends, or a huge sense of mankind, or a more abstract community—that of creativity, of art itself. The response is stunning—thank you to everyone who submitted work, and to the artists represented here who shared their work with us. We celebrate all of these artists who are celebrating community in their own ways, and each week we will share one with you!

Mixed Media | Gena Riley

Color and light, and the textures fashioned from their chemistry are Gena Riley’s inspirations. With paint and an ostensibly random variety of materials, she creates abstract expressionism paintings, hanging assemblages and trays in resin. These manifestations are marriages of environment, personas, and psyche. View Gena’s work on Facebook at ART by GMR. Community: “Talk of the Town” Community is not only the obvious composite — the towns we live in — but our neighborhoods within that town, our jobs, even our homes. We are intrinsically community. No matter our individual differences in appearance and belief, it is the interplay of our diversities that powers us as a group. All our voices together are more dynamic than one alone and carry the tune of our community.