Everybody loves to go out to eat, but sometimes you don’t want to break the bank. If you’re looking for the best spots in town to get a cheap bite, the smart move is to follow the college kids.  As a college student working at an unpaid internship, budgeting money is important. While my diet normally consists of cheap nutrients, there are days where it’s hard to get motivated to make my own food. With money being tight, this can be dangerous, so I’ve been on the hunt for delicious food in Bellingham that doesn’t cost more than $10. Here are my five favorites:


AB Crepes

One of Bellingham’s most popular college spots, AB Crepes is always a good choice. They serve both savory and sweet crepes. My favorite is the Flyin’ Hawaiian, consisting of Ham, Pineapple, Bacon, Ranch, and Jalapenos. It sounds weird but trust me, it is perfection. The best part is that nothing on the menu costs over $10, so get whatever you want on the menu, and feel good about it.



Unless you’re new in town or have been living under a rock, you know Boomer’s Burgers. The iconic burger spot has been serving Bellingham for almost 30 years, and offer some of the best burgers and shakes you’ll find anywhere. Normally, Boomer’s is fairly priced and would make my list, but right now is extra special. You see (trim), January and February of every year is Boomer’s anniversary celebration, aptly named BOOMuary. To celebrate, for these two months, all burgers on the menu are only $3. No, that wasn’t a typo. The clock is ticking, so get in there while you can. I know I’ll be stocking up.


Casa Que Pasa

Another popular college eatery, Casa Que Pasa serves delicious burritos & tacos that don’t break the bank. From classic bean and cheese, to seafood burritos, Casa has plenty of variety. Not only are the burritos delicious, but they are humongous. Try the jumbo potato burrito. It’s enough food to last you three meals (and for only $9, yay!). They also have happy hour specials and a cantina in the back, so it’s the perfect place to start off a night on the town.



One of the Bellingham’s hidden gems (and my favorite food spot), Pel’meni is the perfect late night food. Pel’meni is a tiny little place on State Street that serves Russian dumplings (common noun), and they are delicious. For just $7, you have your choice of beef or potato dumplings, and you are served a generously sized container filled with delicious dumplings covered in curry powder and just a touch of hot sauce. Ask for some sour cream too.


Dragon River

Dragon River is the most expensive on the list, with a fair amount of items exceeding $10, but it is so worth it. They serve some of the best authentic Chinese food I’ve had, with kind service and fair prices. Luckily, there are plenty of plates that fit into our budget. The barbecue pork and house fried rice are to die for ($6.99 and $8.99, respectively) and they are large portions as well. They also have many delicious and cheap appetizers, such as the crab cream cheese wontons. So if you’ve got a hankering for some Chinese food, but don’t want to settle for the “American Chinese” options, then Dragon River may be your new spot.


Even for the person on an extremely tight budget, there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy some high quality food every once in a while. As the list shows, there are all types of food that are ready to be enjoyed, that’ll leave you and your wallet happy.